Cooks Without Borders

When I first set up Parkholme Supper Club, my only real thought was "I wonder if I could cook a charity dinner party, and people would pay to come?"

NOW my main thought is "I wonder if I could get cooks all over the world to cook dinners for charity, and people would pay to come?"

The main issue with cooking for paying guests, as any of my guest chefs, many of whom are unsuspecting mothers of guests or volunteers, is making sure that they get great food. I've had some pretty stressed-looking people in my kitchen, I can tell you. If someone's parting with a load of money for their dinner and dessert has gone wrong TWICE, it's not that funny.

We can help you. We can give you recipes from interesting countries, some of whom MSF/Doctors Without Borders operate in, with some stories about the food. If you're in the UK we'll even send you some of the hard-to-get ingredients, for free. We teach - so we really know the pitfalls to these recipes, and can guide you through it. All you need is to buy some easily available ingredients, and follow our menu plan to produce a great meal to wow your guests. No getting the main course ready and realising you forgot to cook the vegetables!!

In return, all we ask is that you invite some friends to dinner, and you ask them to donate some money for the meal to charity. These are meals they'd never get in a restaurant, and we'll give you the best shot at preparing them - detailed instructions from us with photos of how it should look on the website.