Malay Malam - 11th June 2011

Post date: 30-May-2011 20:24:20

In November last year I travelled all the way up the eastern side of Malaysia on the "Jungle Train", spending time in small Malay villages and cooking and eating Malay food. I went from Singapore to Kota Baru right on the Thai border. If you'd like to read more about this then check out my blog here (there are photos too)

My family is Chinese Malaysian so I didn't have a large experience of pure Malay food but when I came back I felt confident of putting on a Malay night. However, it was entirely booked out by a group of Malaysians so none of my regular customers got a look-in! So I am putting it on again on the 11th June for a broader audience. The food will be spicy but I'll try not to blow heads off.

On the menu will be:

Curry Puffs - am an expert now

REAL Chicken Satay (none of the muck you get in this country)


Beef Rendang - a spicy beef "curry" that uses coconut milk and galangal to fantastic effect

Ayam Masak Merah - Chicken in a red tomato-chilli sauce

Ikan Bakar - Barbequed fish on banana leaves with sambal belachan

Acar - Malay style salad


Ais Kachang / ABC - this will require some audience participation! It's a shaved ice dish with various delights and was a huge hit

Price will be £30 with £25 going direct to MSF as usual. Please mail me with bookings.

Look forward to seeing you!