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We cook food from all around the globe. Based on our travels, the places we have lived, the places we are from, and family and friends. Our founder, Alicia Weston, has lived in 8 countries and worked and travelled in many more. But often we have guest chefs from amongst our volunteers who cook their home cuisines, and we have also had many donated recipes from diners and their families, as well as recipe scouts - who get us the recipes of the best dishes they ate, from the furthest corners of the world.

We are not just interested in food, we are interested in stories about food, as we believe that the best food is rooted in tradition and stands the test of time. So we love cooking food like grandma used to make, taking the time and effort to grate our coconut by hand or make carefully formed ma'moul using a wooden mould.

Our dinners often tell these stories, such as that of Ibn Battutah, the mediaeval arabic traveller who was probably the greatest travel writer the world has ever seen. Or, with Road to Revolution, the story of China's history from Imperial China to Revolutionary China, told through the story of her food. Our dinners may thus be just one cuisine or wander wildly and deliciously across the globe.

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Donald, one of our recipe scouts, getting a recipe in Azerbaijan

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