Zaytoun - Palestinian Supperclub

Post date: 10-May-2015 23:16:03

6th June 2015

This supperclub will showcase the products of a very special company, Zaytoun. Zaytoun is a fair-trade, not-for-profit enterprise that supports Palestinian farmers, living under occupation, to find new markets for their artisan products. Zaytoun distributes organic olive oil, za’atar, Jericho’s finest medjool dates, almonds from a farmers co-operative, organic Maftoul, Freekeh and olive oil soap. If you don’t know what all of them are – come along and find out!

A great success, so far Zaytoun have doubled the market for Palestinian products, reaching new consumers. We heard about it because one of our regular guests has started to distribute it in our local area – they are selling it entirely at cost price, and we will both use them and have some of the products for sale on the night. If you live locally you can contact them on for more details or see their pricelist here.

We will be using the skills of a highly accomplished Palestinian cook Nisreen Abuorf, who cooked our much acclaimed Bethelehem Supperclub, to showcase some of the more unusual ingredients like Freekeh and Maftoul – she’s very busy as she just had a baby, so get a taste of some of her amazing cooking on this rare occasion! In addition the dessert she’s cooking is my absolute favourite Arabic dessert, ever.

This is a unique opportunity to sample the authentic taste of Palestinian food. Though sharing many recipes with its Levantine neighbours, Palestinian food is distinguished by its savoury and earthy rustic flavours, deeply ingrained in its peasant and urban heritage and using only the best ingredients grown in their beloved homeland.

Falafel (v) - A staple Palestinian street food, with coriander, parsley and spices, fried to golden perfection

Hummous (v) - Another Palestinian must have dish on the table, a delicious homemade chickpea purée with garlic, lemon and tahini

Bamyeh bil zait (v) - The 'war version' of the beloved okra stew only cooked better with fresh tomatoes, garlic, Zaytoun olive oil and basil

Manaish zatar (v) - A very special Palestinian pastry topped with the famous zatar and zait, a Zaytoun herb and sesame mix with delicious Zaytoun extra virgin olive oil

Sabanekh bil zait (v) - Spinach, onions, zaytoun olive oil and spices cooked till sticky and sweet

Labaneh with zatar and olive oil (v) Home made delicious labneh (thick and creamy Palestinian yogurt) garnished with delicious Zaytoun zatar and Zaytoun olive oil

Salatet bandora (v) A delicious Gazan spicy tomato salad with garlic, chillies, fennel seeds, lemon juice and Zaytoun olive oil

Zahra mashwiyeh with tahini sauce (v) - A rustic Palestinian mezze of roasted cauliflower in a tahini and yogurt sauce

Main dishes

Kharoof mahshi bil Freekeh - A whole shoulder of lamb roasted with Zaytoun Freekeh (roasted green wheat) and garnished with Zaytoun almonds, accompanied with a yoghurt sauce

Musakhan bil jaj - The most beloved Palestine dish of chicken cooked in sumac, onion and olive oil, spread on taboon bread and roasted in the oven with pine nuts as a garnish

Maftoul syami, vegetarian maftoul (v) - Maftoul is the Palestine version of couscous, the grain is much bigger in size, hence often described as giant couscous, steamed and cooked in a vegetarian broth and served with a hearty vegetarian stew with chickpeas, onions and vegetables


Kunafah Nabulsiyeh The most popular dessert in Palestine originating from the city of Nablus, a special blend of white cheese and kunafah pastry cooked in the oven and soaked with rose water syrup and sprinkled with pistachios

Stuffed Zaytoun Majdoul dates with Zaytoun almonds

Turkish coffee or black tea with mint leaves

Cost will be £45 a head of which £35 will go direct to MSF, who are of course also working in Palestine.

Please e-mail us with bookings on