Cyclone Idai

Saturday 27th April

We're doing our super popular pan African supperclub with a twist - as you'll be aware, Cyclone Idai has been much on the news and for the people affected it's an utter disaster. They've lost their homes, whole towns, family members and livelihoods. So we will feature some dishes from Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Come along, have a fantastic meal with us, and feel great because you're contributing to MSF's fanatastic work in the region - they are currently tackling the cholera risk with all the contaminated water supplies. I heard their cholera response is second to none, from other charities.

It's a massive menu - because we love them all and couldn't decide what to take off! On the menu will be (they're coloured in on the map - Cyclone Idai is in RED)

Ghana - Nana's excellent Joloff Rice (v)

Mozambique - Caril de Ademdoim - a chicken curry with peanuts

Mozambique - Matapa, a cassava leaf and coconut milk stew (v)

Nigeria - Efo Riro (prawns, spinach, onions, tomatoes) - a super tasty dish I learnt from Nigerian friends

Mali - Maafe Tigidigi, a tasty sweet potato and okra stew (v)

Senegal - Yassa, a French influenced chicken & onion stew

Congo - Gari Foto - cassava meal with eggs - tastes better than it sounds! (v)

South Africa - Chalaka and Pap - great names for a tasty dish of mixed vegetables & beans, and cornmeal porridge (v)

Ethiopia - Atakilt Wat - Ethiopians do many good vegetarian dishes but this one elevates simple cabbage to the sublime (v)

Liberia - another alarmingly named dish, Chuck Rice - a change from the tomato-based jolloff, this one is green with spinach & okra (v)

Eritrea - Hamli, an Italianate fried greens dish (v)

Everywhere - Fried Plantain, lovely sweet and sticky (v)


South Africa - Malva pudding, which is their answer to Sticky Toffee Pudding, but not so sweet

Zimbabwe - Sweet Potato Cookies (they're a bit like scones)

Cost will be £45 of which £35 will go to MSF, who of course work in many of these countries.

Please mail us with bookings on