Chinese cooking class

Weds 29th April 2015

Guo Tie - start to finish...

In this lesson we will learn to cook some of the dishes from the Chinese New Year menu.

Dumplings are the most traditional Chinese New Year food, cooked by families across the North of China, so we will learn to make them from scratch. Our dumplings have the classic filling - minced pork, ginger, garlic and chinese cabbage, but we also have recipes for fish and other delicious fillings. In addition we will learn Chinese Aubergines, a simple and delicious side dish, and Xinjiang Cumin Chicken, a tasty stir fry from the West of China, as well as Tang Yuen (or Mochi), another kind of sweet dumpling.

We will learn to make our own pastry for the dumplings, surprisingly easy, and the principles of stir frying, so that you can make all kinds of stir fries. Also about the traditional seasonings of China, oyster sauce, light and dark soy sauce, Shiao Xing rice wine, ginger, spring onions, garlic and sesame oil; how to use them to best effect.

You will leave having had a great meal you cooked yourself, and with extra dumplings and food to take home for the next day or partner waiting hungrily at home!

Class will start around 6.30/7pm and last around 3 hours. Cost is £60 per head.

Please contact us on for more details.