Pan-Asian cooking lesson

Learn some delicious and healthy recipes from Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and India, which also happen to be gluten-free, low carb and full of protein!

I've picked some recipes which are easily achievable in a home kitchen with not too specialist ingredients, from all over Asia.

Vietnamese glass noodles with pork, prawn and peanuts. This recipe is truly stunning and will impress anyone you cook it for!

Gado Gado - a Javanese salad with a very tangy dressing of shrimp paste, tamarind and peanuts

Moong Dal - a delicious dal recipe from the mother of a Gujerati friend. It's really tasty and a whole meal in one, it contains protein and veg, great for a simple supper or lunch. Freezes well too!

Kong Namul - another salad, but very different - Korean bean sprout salad, which dates back to the Three Kingdom period - very simple to make and bean sprouts are so cheap and easy. You can also substitute the bean sprouts for spinach, another time.

Kueh Koci Kachang Hijau - this is a steamed glutinous rice cake stuffed with sweetened mung bean paste, a Malay speciality, which is a super-healthy snack, no fat in it at all.

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