Singaporean Favourites - 30th July 2011

Post date: 05-Jul-2011 14:21:38

An unusually small supper menu for us this time - but for those that know these dishes, I think they will be all that's needed :-)

For those that don't know them - providing you actually like crab and chicken of course - give it a whirl, you might find some new favourite dishes. Actually my father has lived and eaten well all over the world in his 72 years, and black pepper crab is probably his favourite dish of all time. It's what I made him for Father's day. And Hainanese Chicken Rice is mine. Reena loves them both....

These are THE classic Singaporean dishes that are very hard to get in this country. All these dishes in Singapore would be made by a specialist - you'd almost never find one place that served them all at the same time; which is why you can't find them on restaurant menus here in the UK.

Black Pepper Crab - come prepared to get your fingers dirty! KFC's finger lickin' good has nothing on this stuff....

Hainanese Chicken Rice - the dish that is better in Malaysia and Singapore than on Hainan Island itself!

and a selection of Nyonya Kueh for dessert - onde onde, kueh talam, angku kueh, stuff like that. These are the Malaysian/Singaporean equivalents of dessert, made with fresh coconut milk, glutinous rice flour, local palm sugar.

For bookings please drop us an e-mail.

Cost will be £30 of which £25 will go direct to Medecins Sans Frontieres as a donation...