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Originally founded 10 years ago to help Palestinian farmers who had lost their olive oil markets, Zaytoun today distributes Fairtrade pesticide-free extra virgin olive oil together with other artisan products from Palestine. As well as rigorous quality testing Zaytoun works actively with producers to secure international fair trade and organic status for all of its products and is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

To date Zaytoun has successfully:

o Achieved Fairtrade Certification for 4 products from Palestine: Olive Oil, Green Olives, Black Olives and Almonds.

o Established Palestine as a Fairtrade provenance

o Sold over 200 tons of Palestinian olive oil in the UK and Ireland.

o Ensured Palestinian producers are paid fair prices for their products.

o Carried positive messages about Palestine with every bottle.

o Raised awareness through the media, including national TV and newspaper coverage.

Zaytoun Products

We are selling these products on a volunteer basis, at wholesale cost. The information below details the products we stock. For more information on the products see the Zaytoun website: For more information, or to place an order, contact: Nancy and Richard Turnbull at or on 07905 243644.


Zaytoun’s organic Fairtrade olive oil has been sourced through Canaan Fair Trade in Jenin. It is a world-first Fairtrade olive oil, pressed from the fruit of ancient trees which have been tended by hand through generations of family farmers.


Za’atar is an everyday staple in the Middle East; a herb mix of wild thyme, toasted sesame and sumac. It is a zesty seasoning, delicious with olive oil on fresh bread, on tomato salads or rubbed into chicken before roasting… but be warned, its fresh taste is addictive! Zaytoun’s za’atar is sourced from a women’s cooperative in Jenin, wild-harvested.


The ‘Medjoul’ is the finest of dates. It is grown in the Jericho area which has the perfect climate for producing these delicious, soft and succulent dates. They are sourced through the ‘Palm Farmers Cooperative’ and are a vital source of income in this area which is seeing vast tracts of land illegally confiscated by Israel.


The ‘Om Al-Fahem’ is a premium almond. This variety, traditionally grown here thrives on the arid and rocky terrain, producing a large, sweet almond. Zaytoun almonds are sourced from a farmers’ cooperative in the Jenin area.


Zaytoun’s couscous is large-grain whole wheat and sundried. It has a distinctive nutty flavour we think you’ll love. We were proud to introduce our first Gazan produce in 2006, but sadly it is not possible at this time to export anything from Gaza. The couscous we currently have on sale is from Jericho, but we hope that in the future we will be able to source more Gazan produce.


Made from unripe wheat which is toasted and cracked, freekah can be prepared and served like rice or used in soups and stuffing. Yotam Ottolenghi says “The grain has a wonderfully smoky, nutty (and slightly addictive) nature”. It has a smoky, herbal flavour which goes well with spices.

See for a recipe for Roast parsnip and apple salad with smoky freekeh and yoghurt dressing


Zaytoun’s soap contains 72% olive oil which is sourced from Palestinian olive farmers in the Nablus region. It is naturally cleansing & suitable for all skin types including oily skin. It is available in plain, lemon, sage, pomegranate milk and honey varieties. The ancient city of Nablus has been producing soap since the 10th Century. Olive oil is the principal ingredient of this natural soap. The soap is made and cut by hand in beautiful old soap houses by skilled craftsmen

Extra Virgin Organic Fairtrade Olive Oil

250 ml £3.60

500 ml £7.00

750 ml £9.80

1 litre £11.50

Za’atar Thyme Herb Mix

80 gms £2.00

Medjoul Dates

250 gms £3.00

500 gms £5.75

Fairtrade Almonds

150 gms £2.85

Organic Giant Couscous – Maftoul

250 gms £1.60

Organic Freekah – Smoked Green Wheat

250 gms £1.60

Olive Oil Soap

Single Plain Bar – 100 gms £1.50

Gift Pack - 4 Scented Bars – 400 gms £7.10





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