Refund Policy


We're sorry to have to ask this and be so strict on timing, but the number of people that book speculatively, just to get a seat, and then don’t donate is increasing and the admin associated with this is becoming prohibitive.

The reason we require advance payments, like all supper clubs, is because we buy all the food in advance and prepare it for you. If you don't actually pay we will be out of pocket, as we cannot, like restaurants, get passing trade dropping in to eat up your meal. The other reason we require advance payments is because we are in great demand and there is usually a waiting list for every event; it is not fair for people to book up spaces, force us to turn people away, delay paying often for quite some time, and then suddenly cancel.

If you cannot make it, please let us know as soon as possible and we will try to reallocate your space; if we manage this then we will give you a space at any future supperclub of equivalent value instead of the one you were planning to come to. (You are of course welcome to get someone else to come in your place, too). We will do our best to reallocate your space, as we usually have waiting lists, however in cases of sudden illness and short notice sometimes it's difficult. If we cannot fill your space we are actually out of pocket too as you are not here to give us the £5 cash for the cost of the food so I literally have to pay that out of my own pocket, in addition to spending hours cooking a meal you won't eat.

Of course the great news is that it was a charitable donation to MSF, so whilst you are lying there ill in bed, you can still feel good about yourself.