Malay cooking lesson

We will learn to cook some of the dishes from the popular Malay supperclub. You will learn about the key ingredients in Malay cooking, the herbs and spices, and what to do with them. Malay cooking is surprisingly easy - it's the exotic ingredients (especially the coconut milk and galangal), that make it so special.

We will learn:

Beef Rendang - this spicy beef dish is actually one of the easiest dishes we cook, once you know how! (can be made with chicken if preferred)

Acar - this is a Malay style salad which has the delicious addition of fresh pineapple (you will learn to cut a pineapple the beautiful Malaysian way too, making it worthy of being a dessert on its own!)

Ayam Percik - this chicken dish, made with coconut milk, is delicious. We will bake this in the oven, which is fine, but it's traditionally barbequed and will make a fantastic, impressive dish to your barbeque repertoire in the summer!

Gula Malacca - this sago dish with palm sugar and coconut milk is my father's favourite after 40 years of living in Asia. He still loves English puds too though!

This is Ayam Percik served with traditional accompaniments in Kelantan, Malaysia

The cost for the lesson will be £60 including a donation to MSF. Spaces are limited to 4 people for individual attention and hands-on cooking. Please mail us on to book.