The Foodie Christmas Party

Post date: 18-Nov-2013 00:41:55

14th December 2013

"Come, Eat, Make Merry"

Join us at the Christmas party with the best buffet in town! Meet interesting people, catch up with people you've met before and swap stories of which dishes and supperclubs you like the best. For those who have been to any of our suppers, you will know that we are never knowingly underfed - most of the time we struggle to find space on our huge dining table for the dishes we've cooked, and this will be worse than usual! We've devised the most spectacular buffet table for you from around the world; come, eat, make merry!

Our fabulous team of volunteers come from around the world and they are all contributing to the evening - and will be around for a chat too - so here are some of the fantastic dishes we are promised:

Vegetarian dishes:

Morocco – Zaalouk, an aubergine and tomato mezze

India – Handvo, a savoury vegetable cake with pomegranate raita

Spain – Tortillas, the classic tapas potato omelette

Syria – our famous home made falafels

France – Mediterranean vegetable tart

Armenia – Eetch, a kind of tabbouleh with pomegranate molasses

Georgia – Charklis Tkemali, beet and sour plum salad

Israel – Mograbiah salad with feta and pomegranate

Turkey – Mercimek Kofte, a vegetarian kofte with lentils

Meat and Fish Dishes:

Malaysia - Otak Otak, a spicy fish dish

Domenican Republic – Pasteles en Hojas – the most traditional Christmas dish with beef

Russia – Beetroot cured salmon and blini

Morocco – Ras el Hanout Lamb

China – Confucian Chicken Salad


U.S.A. - Chestnut Cheesecake

Tunisian Orange Cake

Canada – Butter Tarts – quite delicious, even nicer than treacle tarts

India – Kheer, a kind of rice pudding

Italy - Tiramisu!

There will probably be some more as people suggest some new dishes!

This fabulous spread will cost just £35 of which £25 will go direct to MSF. We will also provide a supply of mulled wine to keep you in the festive spirit!

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