Palestinian fish supperclub

Post date: 09-Oct-2017 23:38:55

Sayadieh, a Tribute to Palestinian Fishermen!

28th October 2017

Occasionally, we work with a guest chef to bring you amazingly authentic food. Nisreen Abuorf, a Palestinian living in London, is one of those that we have been privileged to work with, and there is always clamouring for more, from those that have been lucky enough to taste her cooking. She has cooked two absolutely delectable meals for us so far - authentic Mansaf and a special Palestinian Christmas supperclub last year.

We're proud to say that after starting her supperclub experience with us, she's gone on to found her own pop up in Nunhead/Peckham in South London, Zaad Dinner Club. If you'd like to keep up to date with her events there, you can sign up here. Zaad’s food is all about Authentic Palestinian and Levantine flavours presented with an imaginative and creative twist but sometimes they stick to the original recipes because they are simply the best!

This year she's back with a fish supperclub to die for. I know this one will sell out very quickly... my mouth is watering already!

* Prawn and herb samosa

* Stuffed squid with Freekeh, green roasted wheat baked in tomato sauce

* Sayadieyh, a traditional rice dish cooked in fish broth, spices and fried onions and topped with spiced poached fish

* Fried whitebait with a garlic and lemon dressing

* Gazan fragrant tomato salad

* Parsley and Tahineh salad

* Crispy pitta bread

* Homemade baklava with nuts and dried fruits

* Muhalabiya/Arabian pana cota, a delicious milky pudding infused with orange blossom and garnished with plenty of Middle Eastern goodness

Cost will be £45, of which £35 goes to MSF. Please email us with bookings on as soon as possible, as we do get booked up quite quickly.