Georgian Cooking Lesson

27th April, 6.30pm

Georgian cuisine, like the language, is in a class all its own. People often ask me to describe what it's like but it really can't be likened to any other cuisine. It uses a lot of walnuts; it serves many dishes meze-style like in the Middle East, but none of the dishes are discernably related to any Arabic dishes I've ever had. Although next to Turkey, I've never seen them cook either courgettes or okra, ubiquitous in Turkey. And they use both dill and coriander, which are herbs from northern cuisine and southern cuisine, simultaneously.

Come and learn to cook some exceptional Georgian dishes. From the quintessentially Georgian Khachapuri, a stuffed cheese bread (I've managed to exactly replicate the ones cooked for me by the Georgian Ambassador's wife), to the walnut and pomegranate stuffed aubergines which are an instant and delicious hit wherever I serve them, you will not be disappointed. Georgia is one of our most popular supperclubs and people keep coming back for more...

We will learn to cook:

Khachapuri - this is an "instant" bread stuffed with cheese. It's a) delicious b) surprisingly easy to make c) doesn't need hours of rising so next time you have unexpected visitors you can amaze them with this special treat which is served to every visitor in Georgia

who steps into a private home.

Batlijani - walnut and pomegranate stuffed aubergines

Beet and Bean Tkemali - beets and beans in a plum sauce - an easy dish to make from store cupboard ingredients but very popular with my friends

Chicken and lettuce salad - unusually, this uses cooked lettuce and pomegranate seeds. Delicious and very distinctive. Also very pretty!

Walnut Stuffed Quinces - a healthy, unusual, and aromatic dessert - and easy to make!

If you would like to see some photos of Georgia, click here

The lesson will start at 6.30 and is located in Dalston, Hackney, E8.

Cost will be £60 a head. You will also have a full meal and some food to take home! Please email us on to book.