15th & 16th April 2015, 6.30pm

In this lesson we will teach the basics of fish preparation and how to cook them in various international dishes. We cook a lot of fish at the supperclub so we have a wealth of recipes to draw on! We also know fish very well, we hang out at Billingsgate at 5am, and have fish who live here, so we know what a fresh fish looks like! Here are some photos from a previous fish cooking lesson:

We will have a short explanation of some of the basics: what knife to use, how to choose a fresh fish, fish anatomy (so you know where the bones are!), how to scale and gut a fish, and a demonstration of how to fillet a fish. Then it will be your turn - you will have a couple of fish each to experiment on, and a chance to use a proper filleting knife. We will have two different types of fish to cut up, seabass and mackerel.

We will go on to make the following delicious and popular dishes, some of which were served at our Billingsgate Fish nights:

Filipino fresh fish Kinilau (a kind of Filipino Ceviche, made with coconut milk) - I had this on the island of Cebu, and immediately got the recipe. Great way to use our fresh fish fillets

Mackerel with Pomegranate seed and honey dressing - I don't like mackerel but I like this dish a lot! I guess you'd like it even more if you like mackerel...

Fish Curry with yoghurt - this is a mild fish curry that surprised me by being incredibly popular with a friend's children, as well as with the adults! Good crowd-pleaser and easy to make. Absolutely nothing like your local Indian take-away.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls - A kind of fresh spring rolls made with prawns. Really fun and easy to make but you need to know how!!

Maximum class size 4 people so you get individual attention. The class will start at 6.30pm and should finish by 10pm. The cost for this lesson will be £65. You will eat a full dinner here and have extra to take home for the next day.

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