Actually, we don't like cooking too much meat here as we care a lot about animal welfare. Generally we would only have a couple of meat dishes on the menu, which out of around 12 dishes (the average number we serve) is pretty low, plus possibly some fish dishes.

As we serve all our meals family-style, which is to say that we put all the dishes on the table and you help yourself, eating what suits you is easier here. We publicise the menus in advance so that you can see if there are suitable dishes - if you have any queries please e-mail us directly on If you contact us we will make sure you get a space at the next available suitable supper.

However, some meals are more vegetarian than others. Those from South East Asia tend to contain fish products - oyster and fish sauce and fermented shrimp paste, so Chinese/Malaysian/Indonesian/Thai and Filipino are quite difficult. To make the food authentic, these are impossible to omit. Our suggestions for the most vegetarian-friendly (i.e. no fish either) supperclubs are Georgian and Syrian/middle eastern, but there will be others - our menus are so varied it's impossible to predict.

We do have a specialist vegan mailing list and try to do vegan dinners at least twice a year - to join that list please click here.

We hope to see you soon!