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Post date: 21-Oct-2013 00:31:14

9th November 2013

When I think back over the last 3 years, we have cooked foods from an astonishing number of cuisines. 75 supperclubs, comprising Syrian, Malaysian (3 cuisines in 1), Chinese, Indian, Italian, Singaporean, French, pretty much all of the ex-USSR (there were 14, but in particular Georgia and Russia), Turkish, English, and with guest chefs, Filipina, Spanish, Korean, Moroccan, Mexican and Ghanaian, plus a few random bits from Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries I've lived in.

My recipe list is now around 600 that I considered decent enough to write down. And amongst those are some truly fabulous vegetarian recipes - so good that no-one will miss meat at all. Have you ever ordered the one vegetarian dish on the menu only to be disappointed? Well, we've done the testing and tasting for you, so that you don't have to. Come and try all these exceptional dishes.

Ukrainian Borscht - Winter's coming and this is a proper winter warmer!!

Sebernih Bezzet - Syrian spinach with onions - hugely popular dish from the Syrian supperclub. It sounds plain but people rave about it and it's the dish they remember the most

"Delicious" Tofu - from China - I don't know what it's called really, but this is my favourite tofu dish by a long way. I have convinced someone who'd NEVER EATEN TOFU BEFORE with this dish.

"Korean" carrot salad - this is an odd Russian dish that is attributed to the many North Koreans in Russia

Falafels and tahini sauce - these are home made and very, very delicious, says my friend a meat-loving policeman, from the Middle East

Batlijani - a Georgian dish of aubergines stuffed with walnuts, very unusual indeed

Turkmeni Chickpea and Onion stew - this one surprised us with how good it was - to be honest we weren't expecting much from Turkmenistan.

Zaalouk - one of our volunteers from Morocco will cook this very authentic vegetable dish for us; one reviewer said he was drooling as he wrote about it.

Mercimek Kofte - super tasty lentil kofte from Turkey, a friend's mum always makes these for me

Alleppy Jackfruit and Plantain Curry - this is based on a traditional Keralan recipe from India, it's excellent

Banitsa - a sort of cheesecake from Bulgaria, well worth the effort

Sticky Rice and Mango - the classic Thai dessert made with coconut milk

(*vegan options available on everything apart from the Banitsa)

Cost will be £45 of which £35 will go directly to MSF - please mail us with bookings on