10/11/10 Sampling Syrian

Post date: 13-Jan-2011 19:29:06

As I am now in Syria, I can update you a bit further on what you are likely to be served at my Syrian night on Tuesday 16th November, after my extensive, waistline-expanding research covering really the length and breadth of Syria (yes, I have been almost everywhere, even into Mesopotamia, currently hanging out with Bedouin).

Selon le marche (ingredients permitting), we will be sampling a very distinctive Aleppine speciality of kibbeh cooked with quinces and pomegranate juice. There will be a wealth of mezze including a very delicate dish cooked with only the insides of courgettes, and a selection of stuffed vegetables with both veggie and non-veggie filling. A fabulous Syrian salad called Fattoush and a dish made with spinach, spices and crispy fried onions that I really enjoyed. I also found a traditional dish called Fetteh made with chickpeas, which we ate at a restaurant which was particularly recommended for this dish, and they gave me their recipe... And yes, my suitcase is already full of spices and nuts...

I can't encourage you enough to come to this country. The people are warm, welcoming, generous, and there is yummy food everywhere! And the weather is a lovely 20 degrees and sunny every day!