26/2/11 Arriving Early

Post date: 24-Feb-2011 22:11:23

Dinners start at 7.30. Sometimes diners arrive early, throwing a Panzer Tank into my timing. Reena got her first taste of this the other day, for our Italian Adventure. After the anchovy filleting (yes, someone did mail me and told me he thought they came out of cans), we were so behind we were watching the clock like hawks. And at 7pm, the doorbell rang. Reena, in true American style, yelled “NOOO WAAAY!”. Yes Way. We were not dressed, not a scrap of makeup, and I was covered in egg white. Luckily for us it was my friend Manu, who has become a regular at supper clubs despite having to pay for my cooking. So, Manu had to take out the rubbish (garbage!), move my bike, change a light bulb, AND make half the tiramisu. All that before dinner. You can come early, but be warned….