Our Values

Parkholme Supper Club operates entirely with volunteers. We have a large team of volunteers that do everything from cooking to serving and cleaning and they form a wonderful community that has come, over the years, to mean a lot to all of us.

Sourcing our Ingredients

We support the Nobel Peace Prize winning Medecins Sans Frontieres, a medical charity working in some of the most difficult parts of the globe. Over £500 per supperclub is donated to them to support the work they do.

People often ask us why do we support them? There are several reasons.

First, they are one of the most financially efficient charities out there. They don't waste money on advertising. You'll never see them advertise. Over 85% of the money that is donated goes to support their work in the field.

Second, they are at the vanguard of emergency response. They have a flat management structure and a very short response time - I've been told that they will have a cholera team onsite within a week of cholera reports. Move first, sort out paperwork after. You may know that they were at the forefront of the Ebola crisis and many of their staff died. They work in the toughest areas like Syria and other war zones.

Finally, they're international - like us. We can cook food from many of the countries they work in - Syria, Mexico, Georgia, Armenia, China, Indonesia, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Moldova, Russia, the Sahel, Tajjikistan and Uzbekistan. But another benefit of being international is that you can take the hard decisions to make your money as effective as it can be, and they do. We like their values and their morals.


We respect your privacy and we will only use the details you give us to contact you about events from Parkholme Supperclub. We don't share or sell our mailing lists to anyone, ever. If you want to be removed from our lists, just ask.


Bags of Taste is a not-for-profit organisation set up to teach people struggling with food budgets to eat better, for less. It is conceived and supported by Parkholme Supper Club. Bags of Taste teaches people to cook delicious and healthy meals for under £1 a head. Many of our volunteers also volunteer with Bags of Taste and our founder is the Managing Director.

We support other people to raise money charitably whether it's through a one-off dinner (through our COOKS WITHOUT BORDERS programme) and give advice to people intending to start other charitable supperclubs.

We also do outreach work in the local community, whether it's cooking for our street party or working with kids in the local community, broadening their food horizons: http://eathackney.com/2013/08/cooking-for-kids-with-the-parkholme-supper-club/