Black Pepper Crab - 23rd April 2011

Post date: 08-Apr-2011 23:19:22

I've finally perfected my black pepper crab recipe. I know this because when I cooked it for my father the last time, he ate with the same quiet concentration that I've seen when he was sitting at a restaurant on East Coast Parkway in Singapore. That time, the table of 10 people gradually went silent, watching him eat. It took a while before he noticed us watching him!

For the uninitiated, black pepper crab is one of the absolute classic dishes of Singaporean cuisine. It's crab fried in a pepper sauce, which tastes delicious and you mop up with bread or buns. In order to enjoy it, you need to be prepared to get your hands dirty and get stuck in - don't wear a fancy tie or dress unless you're also prepared to wear a bib!

To celebrate the joys of the pepper, I've designed the following pepper-based menu around it:

Black Pepper Crab with Man Tou steamed buns


Mapo Tofu with Sichuan Peppercorns

Vegetable omelette with white pepper (my mum's recipe)

Yong Tau Foo - red, green and Chilli Peppers stuffed with fish paste

Spring Onion Noodles with Char Siu (OK it's not pepper but Reena says she liked it so much she was inhaling it last time)


Angku Kuih (Malaysian Mochi)

Bubur Chacha (sweet malaysian soup dessert)

Cost will be £30 - £25 to MSF and £5 on the night for costs.

Please mail me with any interest!