Parkholme Supper Club breaks £20,000!

Post date: 04-Jun-2012 15:42:41

Dear supporters,

I just wanted to let you know that a generous diner has just donated a record £260.01 for his upcoming meal to tip us over the £20,000 target that we had on our JustGiving site. (£24,000 including tax, so far!)

Parkholme Supper Club was founded by just me on my own in Sept 2010 and the original target was only £2,000; as you can see it’s risen quite a lot as we’ve grown, and we’ve just put it up to £40,000. All this money goes direct to Medecins Sans Frontieres to help with their work providing medical aid around the world. We were the first charity supper club in the country and I think we are still the only permanent one.

We could not exist without the support of our community, which includes you, the diners, and also the excellent volunteers who help with each and every meal (their names are listed below), chopping, serving, washing up and being generally abused by me without complaint :-) as well as our many suppliers on Ridley Road market.

We’ve had fabulous guest chefs who have hosted very special nights, got a brand new e-mail address thanks to an IT volunteer, and even had donated recipes from countries as far-flung as Moldova. If anyone has any ways they think they might be able to contribute, do please let us know!

Again, a big thank you to everyone who has helped in any way, even if it’s just spreading the word to your friends.

Alicia and the team:

Louise Wong

Steve Baird

YungJoo Pankhurst (publicity)

Nana Prempeh*

Vanessa Easlea*

Chris Anipole

Chris Chinnery (IT)

Gerald Howgate

Jamie Ogilvy

Lay Eng Lim

Yvonne Lloyd

Aleksandra Stiglic

Ece Dogrucu

Marco Leal

*Guest chefs: Ann Weston, Reena Retuta, Lisa Neidich, Ilona Maroziene, Julia Jorge and her family, Veena and Maurelio Torchia and several of the above too!


in aid of MSF




twitter: @parksupclub