Detox Supperclub

posted 28 Dec 2014, 09:09 by Parkholme Supperclub   [ updated 29 Dec 2017, 03:14 ]

27th January 2018

After all that overindulgence of December... well
 let's say you can overindulge at ours and feel good about it.  We'll detox you the easy way...  an amazing vegetarian supperclub from all around the globe, with no meat or dairy.  Think of it as a "best of" of all the supperclubs we've ever done - these are some of the most popular dishes we've ever served!  Of course in East Asia we have very little diary in our cuisine so some of the best dishes are dairy free - our broccoli curry from Indonesia is to die for.  We'll also have many unusual dishes also from many other hot places to cheer us up - Turkmenistan, Georgia, Malaysia, the USA, Timbuktu, China, India, Syria, Italy and Turkey.

Sebernih Bezzet - Syrian spinach with onions - hugely popular dish from the Syrian supperclub. It sounds plain but people rave about it and it's the dish they remember the most.
Batlijani -  a Georgian dish of aubergines and walnut paste with pomegranate seeds.  Exceptional!
Falafels and tahini sauce - these are home made and very, very delicious, says a policeman who loves his meat ;-)
Mercimek Kofte - tasty lentil kofte from Turkey, learnt from a friend's mother
Dhokla - we had to include something from India ! a Gujarati savoury cake that's so good I pinched the recipe from yet another friend's mum.

Maafe Tigidigi -  apart from having one of the best names on earth, this is a great okra and peanut based stew from Timbuktu
Cavolfiore Arrosto - Italian roasted cauliflower, which is one of my favourite dishes
"Delicious" Tofu - from China - I don't know what it's called really, but this is my favourite tofu dish by a long way. I have convinced someone who'd NEVER EATEN TOFU BEFORE with this dish.
Brokoli Lodeh - a great Indonesian broccoli curry cooked in coconut milk
Turkmeni Chickpea and Onion stew - this one surprised us with how good it was - saffron is the secret ingredient.
Chinese Aubergines - steamed and served with toasted sesame oil and spring onions

Kueh Talam - pandan coconut "cake" from Malaysia, my fave so I had to learn to make it
Chocolate Cake - a decadent American dark chocolate cake - deep and rich with no eggs and no dairy... you wouldn't believe it.
Cost will be £45 of which £35 will go directly to MSF - please mail us with bookings on