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If you've ever wondered how much we do ourselves - let's just say pretty much everything.  If it's possible to make it ourselves, we will.  For Syrian night we made our own cheese, and date filled pastries.  For Chinese New Year we made hand made dumplings.  We make our own dim sum, Georgian kachapuri bread, Syrian breads, focaccia, and grissini.  We make our own jam for Jam Roly Poly, our own mayonnaise for Russian salad, and our own filo pastry for Apple Strudel.  Someone once joked and asked me if I made my own butter too - don't joke, I've done it!  I've made tofu, soya milk, tortillas, you name it.  We make stuff here that 99.9% of Malaysians would simply buy ready-made, because we can't get it in England either at all or good.  When you come here, you can be assured that we've literally spent DAYS preparing for your dinner.  Here are some photos to prove it!!

Making Guo Tie dumplings, start to finish

Tarte Tatin
Syrian Bread
Mango Pudding
Gujarati Dhokla
Malaysian Nyonya Kuih
Ukrainian Borscht
Japanese Mochi, red bean paste stuffed rice balls
Malaysian Angku Kuih or
Red Tortoise Cake, signifying longevity

Austrian Apple Strudel, home made pastry
Filipino Fish Kinilau, a kind of ceviche
Kheer, Indian Rice Pudding
Homemade Hummous
Lam Mee (Nyonya noodle speciality)
Real Bedouin Lamb Mansaf
Brazilian Brigadeiros, a sweet chocolate treat
Indonesian Perkedel Jagung (Sweetcorn fritters)
Russian Torte Napoleon
Or Chien/Or Luak - Malaysian Oyster Omelette
Prawn Balls dim sum
Georgian Batlijani, Walnut Stuffed Aubergines
Penang Asam Laksa (spicy sour noodle soup)
Jewish Assabih b'Sutlaj from Aleppo
French Apple Tart
Badenjan Mahshi - Syrian Lamb Stuffed Aubergines
Chewy American Choc Chip cookies
Real Homemade Malaysian Curry Puffs
Russian Beetroot Cured Salmon
Singaporean Pineapple Tarts
Bulgarian Banitsa, a sort of cheesecake
Chinese Dumplings
Cantonese Steamed Seabass